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​​Bodylight Massage

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 I am a self-motivated, compassionate massage therapist with exceptional customer service skills, diverse and extensive working experience, and a dedication to quality client care utilizing several modalities of therapy.  I have developed a gentle, effective skill, an instinctive touch, which assists the client in healing themselves within the spirit, mind, emotional and physical bodies. I look forward to sharing time with you in a positive and healing way.


I listen to the needs of your body with inquisitive hands, an open heart, and pure presence. Your breath and heartbeat, along with the rhythm of the ocean waves, guide me in a sacred dance of touch. With a blend of nurturing integrative long strokes and gentle stretching, you will more easily welcome slow therapeutic deep tissue work. Through my touch you have the opportunity to awaken to your breath and your own healing power, feeling more spacious, unified, relaxed, and expansive.


I see massage as a way to remind the body of its potential to move more freely, and I’ll create the space your body needs to release tensions and unnecessary holding patterns. My work is composed of deep tissue structural release and integration (a great aid with sports injuries and chronic pain). This technique is taught at the Maui School of Therapeautic Massage where I received my certification. I am an animal lover and I enjoy riding my horse on days off, along with gardening and occasionally sailing. Im grateful for every day on Maui!


​Cindy Nemeth

Maui School of Therapeutic Massage is where I received my certification for massage. I like to make people happy and facilitate the healing process. My knowledge of how the body functions and what muscles are being used and how they work together comes into play during the session. Bodylight Massage is a great avenue for sharing my love of massage. Maui gives me the perfect balance between work and play. My fun time consists of playing my harp or flute, hiking, snorkeling with dolphins, or kayaking with whales.

About Us

Proud owner and lead therapist of Bodylight Massage. I am a massage therapist with over twenty years experience in the healing arts. Beginning with energy work in the midwest when my children were babies, then becoming a certified Esalen massage practitioner in Big Sur, California and continuing my education with Lomi Lomi on Maui.  I feel fortunate and blessed to live and work on this island.